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The BAUD gives you the power to turn off those negative urges and emotions. It gives you back control.
"I suffered from severe headaches every day 8 months after my brain surgery. My doctors did several MRIs but couldn't find any problem. After using the BAUD one time, my headaches never returned." - M.S. Omaha, NE

"I have struggled with my weight for over 10 years, but haven't been able to do anything because my appetite was insatiable. Using the BAUD changed everything. My appetite has simply shrunk down to what I have to imagine is "normal." I've lost 15 pounds in 33 days, and I haven't even been hungry!" - RB, Kansas City, MO

"My clients have used the BAUD and found it quite helpful. In some cases, it truly has been a one-session cure. I have used it with clients with alcohol addictions and clients with eating disorders. The client who was addicted to alcohol was able to normalize her relationship with alcohol. The clients with eating disorders have found it helpful to reduce cravings (overeaters and bulimics) and to reduce their fear of getting fat (anorexics)." - Linda Brownback, M.A., a psychologist in Allentown, Pennsylvania

"I overworked my body yesterday and at the end of the day I had this rib pain that I periodically get due to my scoliosis. Usually it will hang around for several days and it very annoying and aggravating for me. After showering I used the BAUD and...remarkably, once I got up I realized that the pain was gone. I kept waiting for it to return since that has been its pattern previously but really no symptoms since." - D.K., Physical Therapist, Columbia, MO

"After using the BAUD, my constant anxiety diminished by about 80%." - HD, Kansas City, MO

"I'm positively surprised with the clinic results obtained through this equipment. After the first session applying the BAUD, (an obese patient) started losing weight, and now she has lost 22 kgs (48 lbs)." - Dra. Catarina de Castro Lopes, Director of Psicóloga Clínica na White in Lisbon, Portugal

"I had a severe problem with teeth-grinding. I used several dental appliances but nothing seemed to help. I would wake up with aching jaw and neck muscles. After using the BAUD one time, I experienced almost complete relief." - SB, Missouri

"I was stunned when a young man tried the BAUD for pain relief after an appendectomy two days prior. He stood up and started swinging his hips around and I was so concerned I had to ask him to stop. At follow up session he was delighted that the pain did not return. Pain is in the brain, and so much else that the BAUD seems to give relief to!" - Nerida Saunders BCN, Clinical Director, Brain Mind and Memory Institute, Australia

"I needed to give up unhealthy foods for health reasons but pizza was the most difficult ...usually I would eat a pizza several times a week. Did a BAUD session on this craving almost 3 months ago. I haven’t eaten pizza since!" - L.M. Denver, Colorado

"I am a mother of three children under the age of 6. My son has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. We were given the BAUD by a family friend to try on him to see if it would help. And help it has! When he begins to act out, get upset, yell or even show signs of distress, the BAUD helps!" - I.W. , Mother of three

"Just some quick notes: Have been using the device just over a month now (on fear of heights). Used to be very reticent to climb vertical ladders up roofs and things- not a bit of fear anymore. Go figure. All the best- I think this is a great product." - R.G., Amherst, NH

"My fear of the dark seems to have vanished." - CR, Colorado

"My phobia of someone breaking into the house at night was quite strong. I would literally push a dresser against the door to feel safer. After using the BAUD, I now feel much better and able to sleep more easily." - PM, Las Vegas

"I had been planning surgery for a nagging pain in my elbow, but the BAUD provided enough relief that I don't need to now." - SJ, Kansas City, MO

Price - $479.00, plus $15.00 shipping & handling

Guarantee / Terms - 30 days unconditional. 90 days product warranty.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease. Consult your doctor or health care professional before using the BAUD.